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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Infrolic Provide their own news?

No , Currently Infrolic does not have any article writers and media reporters. It only selects some hot and popular topics around web.

Can any other person write their own article on infrolic?

Yes we always welcome any one who is providing their own original article to Infrolic.

How any one can post on Infrolic?

To post article on Infrolic you can send article and media on ravichaubey43@gmail.com and we will update as soon as possible. Once we will update by verifying , we will send confirmation to author.

Does Infrolic pay for Articles?

No, Currently Infrolic does not pay to any author. In future if Infrolic pay, Authors will be informed on social media. Stay connected!

Can I write my name below articles?

Yes you can write your Name below articles.

Can I write articles in Hindi?

No, Currently we do not support Hindi Articles on Infrolic.