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How to Install LineageOS Redmi Note 4 on Mido Devices


Install LineageOS Redmi Note 4 from Recovery

Install LineageOS Redmi Note 4 : Please Read complete Process with Patience else you will stuck anywhere. Infrolic is Not responsible for any Brick, However The Steps are 100 % Genuine. These Steps are Given by Ravi Chaubey, If You stuck at any Step Feel free to contact me at ravichaubey43@gmail.com

Install LineageOS Redmi Note 4
Install LineageOS Redmi Note 4

Important Files:

  1. LineageOS for Mido
  2. Gapps(ARM 64)
  3. Lazy Flasher for Redmi Note 4

Note : Root is not Compulsory After installing LineageOS

1.Download the LineageOS install package that you’d like to install or build the package yourself.

2.Optionally, download 3rd party application packages such as Google Apps (use the arm64 architecture)

3.Place the LineageOS .zip package, as well as any other .zip (Gapps) packages to sdcard.

4.Reboot into recovery Mode:With the device powered off, hold Volume Up + Power. Keep holding both buttons until the “MI” logo appears on the screen, then release.

6.(Optional, but recommended): Select the Backup button to create a backup.

7.Select Wipe and then Advanced Wipe.

8.Select Cache, System, Dalvik and Data partitions to be wiped and then Swipe to Wipe.

9.Go back to return to main menu, then select Install.

10.Navigate to /sdcard, and select the LineageOS .zip package. and also install Gapps to Use Google Play Services.

11.Follow the on-screen prompts to install the package.

12.(Optional): Install any additional packages using the same method.

NOTE: If you want any Google Apps on your device, you must follow this step before the first reboot!

13.(Optional): Root the device by installing the LineageOS su add-on (use the arm64 package) or using any other method you prefer.

Note: It Is recommended to Install Lazy Flasher Zip File for redmi note 4 to Avoid Stuck after first Installation.

Once installation has finished, return to the main menu, select Reboot, and then System.

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