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PM Modi Speaks To British PM Theresa May On Vijay Mallya’s Extradition, Say Sources


Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the subject of fugitive tycoon Vijay Mallya’s extradition in his talks with his British counterpart Theresa May, government sources have said.

Though there was no official statement on this, a spokesperson of 10 Downing Street said Theresa May and PM Modi had discussed cooperation between the two countries on legal matters.

Indian PM Shree Narendra Modi and Theresa

Vijay Mallya is wanted in India in a money laundering case and an alleged bank fraud case in India.

The liquor baron skipped the country after defaulting on loans that run into hundreds of crores.

He is accused of fraudulently palming off losses from his now defunct Kingfisher Airlines onto banks by taking out loans worth Rs. 9,000 crore, which he had no intention of repaying.

The Modi government has been repeatedly targeted by opposition parties over Vijay Mallya’s exit and his flashy, luxe lifestyle in Britain, where he lives in a sprawling mansion near London and attends races.

vijay mallya
Vijay Mallya

He was arrested twice last year in London and released on bail.

The government is now wading through a long process of extraditing him. A final judgement may come within weeks.

The Crown Prosecution service in London is representing the Indian government in court.

India has submitted a 2,000-page dossier in court as part of evidence against Vijay Mallya.

One of the arguments that the 61-year-old flamboyant businessman has put forward in the UK hearings is the poor condition of prisons in India.

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