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Technical Guruji Photos, Latest News, Bio and Videos


Gaurav Choudhary is the most popular You-Tuber from India. Technical Guruji has approximately 6 million subscribers from India and growing outside from India. His YouTube Channel is fully based on Technology because he has full Knowledge of Digital Technology.

Technical Guruji : Gaurav Chaudhary
Technical Guruji : Gaurav Chaudhary

Currently, He is running two youtube channels named “Technical Guruji and “Gaurav Chaudhary”.

He has done his Engineering in ECE( Electronics and Communication) from Rajasthan University, Bikaner. He was born in Ajmer Rajasthan on 7 May 1991.

His brother was settled in Dubai so, for the further studies, he has gone to Bits Pilani, Dubai. And you know he lives in Dubai Now.

He has completed M. Tech (Micro Electronics) and awarded with Gold Medal in Dubai. He has done all of his studies in technical subjects.

He was a youtube fan since his very young age. One day he was watching videos on YouTube. All of a sudden, he came across a YouTube channel “Sharmaji Technical” which was a Hindi Tech Review channel.

He contacted Sharmaji and it’s a destiny you can say where he found Sharmaji technical is also a Senior batchmate of Rajasthan University. Sharmaji has given him an offer to start a YouTube Channel, but before that, he has allowed Gaurav Chaudhary to post some videos on his own channel.

This works well for Gaurav Choudhary and people loved his voice and technique. Now the time came to turn this opportunity into a convergence.

He got an inspiration to launch another tech channel which would probably be the only channel to review and provide technical education in the Hindi language.

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